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through news, knowledge, and networking.  As women are gaining more education, rising to leadership positions, and navigating work and personal lives, building alliances among women are critical.  Realizing that a venue is needed that creates connections and uses our collective intelligence to move our companies and ideas forward, WASHINGTON WOMEN’S WEEKLY was launched.  Register to receive the weekly e-newsletter and its benefits by simply clicking the SIGN UP button above. 


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Do you want to know how other professional women jumped that hurdle?  Decided to either go around that mountain or through it?  Each week, we publish an interview with a highly accomplished woman . . . women who share their insights, perspectives, and experiences with you.  Women you may meet at your next event or coffee-break.  To receive the weekly interview, sign-up today.


To build trusted business relationships, our events combine networking with compelling speakers.  We search for interesting and new venues, relevant topics, and most importantly, create worthwhile events that add value.  Our Upcoming Events are listed on the right side bar and Recent Events share the Event Overview with you.  Join us — and other amazing women at our next event!

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As one of the top wealthiest U.S.metropolitan areas, our audience of professional women is target-rich and uniquely defined for partner and sponsor opportunities. 

Did you know that in the Washington, DC metropolitan area:
>  Women holding executive/managerial positions is 44% higher than the national average
>  Median earnings for women are 48% higher than the national average
>  10% of women in WDC earn more than $100,000 annually.
And, nationally:
>  Women make 80% of all consumer buying decisions
>  Women control over 57% of wealth in theUnited States
>  20% of wives earn more than their husbands.

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what is women's weekly?

Washington Women’s Weekly (WWW) builds alliances among women through news, knowledge, and networking events. As a venue that understands and informs professional women, WWW connects highly accomplished women who are building and leading dynamic organizations throughout Washington , DC .

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June 26, 2013.  Cocktails + Connect at The Sofitel Hotel, WDC.

Break Your Own Rules

April 11, 2013.  Breakfast at The City Club of Washington DC.

How Managing Your Money is AS Important AS Making It

November 28, 2012.  Breakfast at The Ritz Carlton, WDC.  Event Overview

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