Help! I’m Drowning In E-mail!

We featured an article on combating the battle against incoming e-mails. I don’t know how many times I overlooked an important e-mail or invitation simply because it blended in with the sea of spam cluttering my Inbox. It felt like as soon as I gave any store my e-mail for coupons or signed up for a program, my e-mail became fair game for all vendors. Luckily, servers like Gmail have come up with a system which directs your email to specific places. For example, all e-mails from my school will go to one folder while my messages from friends go to another folder.

My other issue is I simply get lazy and don’t clean out my Inbox until I’ve amassed a few hundred e-mails! How about you? How do you keep on top on the seemingly endless influx of e-mails?

Read the article here: Master Your E-mail (So It Doesn’t Master You)

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